Living in Solon, Ohio

Solon is home to more than 25,000 residents. Once a simple farm community, Solon today has a very robust business climate that's supported by the infrastructure that makes a city great. From well-constructed homes in family-friendly neighborhoods to clean and safe schools for the city's children to learn and develop, Solon indeed has its priorities in the right order. Public schools within city limits include Arthur Road, Dorothy Lewis, Parkside and Roxbury elementary schools, Solon and Orchard middle schools and Solon High School. There are also several other private schools and institutions for students with special needs. The Solon school system is consistently ranked amongst the top in the nation, peaking at number 75 in a ranking by Newsweek in 2001. Collectively, the schools are excellent. Individually, many of the schools have received notoriety as well. In 2007, the U.S. Department of Education named Parkside Elementary a No Child Left Behind Elementary School, making it one of only 18 Ohio schools and 287 schools nationwide to earn such a distinction.


For those planning to pursue education beyond high school, there are many junior colleges and universities in the region that offer a variety of learning programs. Schools include Kent State University, Cleveland State University, University of Akron, John Carroll University, Case Western Reserve University, and Lakeland Community College. The presence of these institutions, all located within 25 miles of Solon, serves the community in many positive ways. They help to emphasis the importance of education, they provide the community with athletic competitions and events for people to support, they create jobs and they all have Fine Arts programs that enhance the culture of the community through university-sponsored live theatrical performances, musical concerts and other showcase events.

Careers & Recreation

While many residents work in Solon or in nearby Cuyahoga County cities such as Bay Village, Fairview Park, Glenwillow, Bedford, Euclid and Westlake, many also make the short commute to the Cleveland Metro area for employment. Overall, this region is a great place to work with a litany of jobs available in almost all industries. While most people associate cities like Cleveland as being primarily industrial, the reality is that Cleveland is also strong in the financial, agricultural, communications and transportation industries. Of course, Cleveland is as much about recreation as it is about work. The metro area is on the rebound with many city-planned special projects in the works to bring new social and entertainment concepts to the citizen of the region. Cleveland has long been considered a sports town, but is also a great place for those who enjoy music, museums, good food and shopping, and outdoor adventures.


Fortunately for those who live in Solon, there is little reason to ever leave the city if one does not have to. Solon is a thriving community that is not resting on its laurels. Many public works projects and beautification plans have been completed while many others are still in their infant stages. By investing in the city, city officials are assuring their citizens a wonderful lifestyle for years and years to come. Solon has a very active social calendar that is designed to stimulate community pride and it does. Solon also has a very distinct social scene that keeps locals in town on weekends. By supporting local businesses and city-sponsored celebrations, Solon is a city with a cherished past and a very bright future.

If you are looking to move to this part of the state, there's no better place to live in Cuyahoga County than Solon. Homes here are attractive and affordable, the schools are award-winning, the streets are clean and safe and the people are as friendly and welcoming as you'll find anywhere.

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